Strategic Enterprise Management

CSM consulting focus on Strategic Enterprise management using SAP Business Planning and Simulation (BPS) / Integrated Planning (IP), SAP Business Consolidation (BCS), SAP BusinessObjects (SAP BO) Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), SAP Corporate Performance Management (CPM), SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management (SSM) and has in-depth business and technology consulting experience and proven track record in Planning, Consolidation, Performance management and Strategy management solutions. We are a group of qualified and passionate consultants who can help / advice and deploy these solutions in your organization.

In the past, Organizations have invested heavily on transactional systems for optimizing processes without inherent focus on strategy execution and management processes. We advice these organizations on building their strategy execution infrastructure and hence support their top management requirements for business excellence in driving their strategy, goal setting process, strategic planning, operational planning, performance management and integrating analytics, so that you will always be on top of your markets and competition.

In today’s corporate world, our stakeholders are continuously increasing their expectations with decreasing tolerance levels on our performance. The life cycle of Competing strategies are cannibalizing these expectations in the market place much faster.

Leading organizations are re-defining themselves with innovative and faster strategic processes for driving business excellence. This has become an extra ordinary journey towards excellence, rather than the old school of thoughts in following the horizon on a single strategy. The goal posts will change as we evolve in terms of our own objectives, opportunities in the environment and our understanding about ourselves.

We start this journey with predefined communication of "expectations” to our internal and external stakeholders and if there is an expectation gap, addresses the gap either by managing the expectations of our stakeholders or changing our internal goals.

In order to achieve Organization’s vision to be the leading enterprise, these leading organizations reinvent strategy and operational plans that translate the vision into a set of lead objectives, a set of metrics that it uses to gauge progress towards these objectives and a set of initiatives to achieve targets on these metrics that will enable the objectives to be met. The plans comprise of long-term strategic plan and a short-term operational plan which communicates well to each other and our integrated business functions across geographies and markets. In our execution process, we relate our long term plans with our short term plans in different dimensions for every change in our objectives. An integrated process is a key to our effectiveness and this is what we deliver in our planning solutions.

Execution of the plan consists of the completion of objectives and activities. The activities can be classified into those that maintain the current levels of performance (business as usual) or those that improve performance (initiatives). Any improvement in performance can eventually be traced to an improvement in the performance of a business process, so this aspect of managing performance is ensuring that targets for improvement in the performance of processes are achieved. Do we have the ability to change the targets and move faster? Do we have the ability to compare old plans with revised plans, with actual performance, with our effective expectation in the market?

Improvement in performance is achieved through the actions of people who are named as responsible for bringing about these improvements. This responsibility constitutes a contract of performance with the company. Should we link our KPI’s and build scores?

Execution of plans and subsequent performance management becomes a critical activity in the cycle to establish our benchmarks. An expectation report on internal decision sciences, we call them management reporting; While our ever growing demands on external reporting, transparency and corporate governance is our compilation of the initially set expectations in the market.

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