Financial Performance Management

CSM Consulting, an expert in SAP Enterprise Performance Management, SAP Financial Performance Management, SAP Strategic Enterprise Management, SAP Strategy Management, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Business Intelligence and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation are providing the SAP financial performance management solution for enterprises across all industries that combine finance best practices with SAP scalability. Our teams of consultants analyze client's financial data and KPI landscape and create a blueprint and financial analytics dashboard prototypes. A structured dashboard and balance scorecard strategy will yield many benefits, including synthesized business performance ROI metrics and increased business user adoption for optimized enterprise performance management. We provide world-class financial reporting, operational compliance capabilities to deliver enterprise-wide visibility and accurate, consolidated reporting needed to mitigate risk, correctly align resources and execution with strategic goals, ensure your company always maintains compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

The advanced reporting capabilities provide real-time visibility into the entire financial supply chain. We deliver integrated, consolidated core accounting and reporting capabilities need to streamline finance business processes, reduce operating costs, improve budget cycle times, quicken the pace, improve the accuracy of end-of-month reporting. The integration provides financial management capabilities that enable your company to extend finance processes to encompass those of your customers and suppliers, increasing the efficiency and worth of your entire financial value chain. You can achieve the financial excellence your company needs to sustain peak performance and keep its competitive edge.

We address finance operational challenges by providing a comprehensive set of functionalities:

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