Enterprise Performance Management

CSM Consulting is an expert in SAP  Enterprise Performance Management, SAP Financial Performance Management, SAP  Strategic Enterprise Management, SAP Strategy Management, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Business Intelligence and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, which provides the best of hybrid solutions for achieving corporate results. Our teams of consultants analyze client's data and KPI landscape. We create a blueprint and analytics dashboard prototypes. A structured dashboard and balance scorecard strategy will yield many benefits, including synthesized business performance ROI metrics and increased business user adoption for optimized enterprise performance management.

CSM Consulting has been providing efficient balance score cards and Dash Board Solutions for leading enterprises for more than a decade. We have the market edge in SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management (SSM) in India and a focused practice of delivering solutions around SAP Strategy Management (SSM) and NetWeaver BI with tight integration across and connecting people, process and Information. Balanced Score Card, Value Based Management, SAP Business Object etc are some of our key focus within this practice

Our top down-Enterprise approach interact with board, top management and key strategic business units to build a forward looking, open and strategy focused entity. Our key experience is in:

 We are one of the best companies to implement Enterprise Performance Management, If you are planning an implementation, our team will help to explore what other consulting companies don’t normally speak of:

For Enterprise Performance Management implementation / Upgrade Contact us, at corporateperformance@csm-consultant.com and we will help you with your initiatives.