Corporate Performance

Enterprise's needed to create new processes, products, and services faster than the competition – but not by putting their mission-critical procedures and management capabilities at stake. They must assess and manage risk across their existing and new extended business network. Winning teams cultivate relationships by improving communication and collaboration with suppliers, customers, and other partners and moving from adversarial, low-collaboration models to cooperative, mutually beneficial arrangements.

In difficult economic times, businesses need technology to enable them to move quickly, save money, be more agile, and take advantage of opportunities. Winning companies will reduce IT costs, standardize business processes, gain better insight, and employ more flexible processes – reflecting more flexible thinking. They are looking to their enterprise software for a head start to close the gap between strategy and execution. The companies seek to link decision-making systems to integrated, end-to-end processes that can be configured to reflect evolving roles and responsibilities. Companies use cutting-edge, integrated software solutions that help them build cooperative relationships with business partners, manage risk, and increase revenue while juggling the competing needs of stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

The SAP BusinessObjects enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions enable organizational alignment and execution that conform to strategic goals, foster collaboration, drive accountability, and measure performance. The solutions provide the business insight companies need to undertake corrective action, synchronize budgets

With corporate goals, and perform fast, accurate statutory and management reporting. With the solutions, enterprises can build user-friendly models to manage their organizational costs, minimize spend, and maximize profitability. These solutions natively integrate universally used productivity tools such as Microsoft Excel with unified data stores to preserve data integrity and consistency for EPM processes.