Business Intelligence (SAP BI)

We are experts in SAP BI implementation & upgrade projects and follow the ASAP (Accelerated SAP) methodology for SAP NetWeaver BI Implementation Projects.

Project Preparation

Project preparation involving the development of a strategic framework is prepared for each project. High level businesses requirements identified and documented .The implementation standards are decided. This is followed by listing infrastructure management plans and training plans

Business Blueprint

Business Analysis, understanding client requirements and documenting the business blueprint are key steps which contribute to the success of any Enterprise Application Development / ERP/ BI Implementation project. After business analysis, the business requirements are documented and the business scenario is defined. The conceptual design for the Enterprise Application is decided and information on security requirements is collated. To future proof our clients against technological changes, we keep our technical architecture design flexible. We arrive at business blueprints which work towards business process improvement and document the same the foundation required for Project Installation is now deemed complete with the Business Blueprint


The Enterprise Application Development work starts. User interfaces and Integrations are completed. Training sessions are started. The Organizational Change Management is developed as baseline configuration is completed. The processes required for Quality Assurance are put in place. The Go-live plan is put in place. Once the security requirements are prepared, final configuration and testing is completed. The solution is now built and tested. Once BI Installation is complete Performance and System Test starts.

Final Preparation

The final countdown begins. The SAP BI team from CSM Consulting checks customer readiness. Production and Support environment is prepared. The project goes live.

Go Live and Support

Once the SAP BI implementation is in the live mode, a team for Early Solution and Live Support is kept ready. Once the hand over to the client is completed, the BI implementation is closed

Dashboard Analysis, KPI and BI Reports

In most organizations, data and reports exist but are not leveraged well enough. Processes and infrastructure are present, but are not optimized; and information is not visualized nor is it presented well. Finally, usage of the data infrastructure is low. These challenges require a comprehensive, integrated business intelligence and performance management solution that provides real-time, accurate and actionable business reporting and analysis tools to everyone in the organization--from the C-level to frontline business users.

If this sounds familiar, CSM consulting Business Intelligence solutions can help. Our teams of consultants analyze client's data and KPI landscape. We will create a blueprint and analytics dashboard prototypes. A structured dashboard strategy will yield many benefits, including synthesized business performance ROI metrics and increased business user adoption for optimized enterprise performance management. We addresses operational and competitive challenges by providing a comprehensive set of SAP business intelligence and performance management applications from SAP and Business Objects

We are experts in design of world-class business intelligence and performance measurement dashboards and visualization tools deliver the accurate, enterprise-wide visibility needed to correctly align resources and execution with business goals. With this, midsize companies can quickly adapt business processes in response to dynamic market conditions, substantially mitigate risk, and, most importantly, drive business.