Total commitment to Expertise and Excellence

At CSM Consulting, we have developed a distinctive way of working with our clients, which have formed the foundation of our leadership in quality BI project implementation. We believe that this success has been achieved through the methodology and cultural approach we apply in all our projects. The main strengths of this approach are:


The global markets are volatile and the enterprises are under constant pressure to match the dynamic market place with innovative ways to conserve costs, enhance quality, grow market shares and show profitability. CSM consulting recognizes every enterprise is network of interrelated people and process. We had decade of experience in delivering the business models and strategies across different industry verticals at an international level which is critical to compete in the business environment of future. We generate thought leadership, educate the value of business performance management, encourage innovations and provide insight on how to collect and analyze the right information to address specific business goals, and help clients evaluate and implement enterprise-wide performance management systems and processes.


The CSM’s bottom and core expertise methodology is to deliver an Enterprise Performance Management process and BI analytics functionality that spans the entire enterprise performance management cycle. The methodologies are customized based on your project requirements to ensure efficient project execution functionality to optimize your operations and resources to extend best practices to your entire value chain

Consulting Methodology

Closely integrated with our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), DW/BI assessment framework, CSM consulting methodology encompasses all critical areas of an EPM, DW/BI strategy.

Project Methodology

We provide performance management services as a comprehensive one shop deliverable that offers two primary advantages:

First, it delivers a holistic solution that spans the entire performance management cycle, from business planning to performance measurement; by integrating tools for business consolidation, performance measurement, and strategy management with business planning processes/tools and deliver a closed-loop environment for performance management.

Second, we offer unparalleled functionality in a single enterprise platform; all serviced from one service partner focused on delivering performance management services as its core strength.

Realization Methodology

CSM consulting initiates and drives organizations in building high performance intelligent enterprise management frameworks by deploying global best practices in innovative and state of the art technologies. We focus in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) framework that provides organizations to implement Business Planning and Consolidation with Business Intelligence technologies, Strategy Management Value based management, and Activity based management.

Delivery Methodology

We enable companies to implement strategies quickly and successfully, as well as manage business performance throughout the entire organization. In its pursuit, we also support integrated business planning, performance monitoring, business consolidation, and effective stakeholder communication with a holistic perspective.