Profitability & Cost Management(PCM)

The SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) application can give organizations a deeper understanding of the variables that affect cost and profitability across organization. Enterprises can use the software to identify underlying causes of underperformance, test potential impacts of business changes, and take incisive action to reduce costs and optimize profitability for various value streams, products, customers, and distribution channels. PCM supports simplified managerial value stream cost reporting for users across the enterprise. It can help organizations operate appropriately in the most challenging business environments. The application uses lean performance metrics – such as cycle time, cell staffing, order size, and space – to model consumption of resources by each value stream. Users can create scenarios that model changes in throughput, sales volume, pricing, and costs at any business level and evaluate the impact on total value stream profitability..

CSM Consulting has been providing efficient SAP PCM Solutions ,Delivering the Activity based and driver based planning, budgeting models; change driver volumes and back-calc existing ABC models for leading enterprises for more than a decade. We have market edge in SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management (PCM)across Asia, Africa, Middle east and a focused practice delivering solutions around SAP PCM.

Instead of relying on offline analysis and inefficient accounting methods, business users gain access to on-demand reporting and analysis that provides a distinct competitive advantage. CSM Consulting can help organizations for PCM to identify areas where focused, continuous improvement can eliminate waste or high-cost activities and facilitate proactive problem solving

Our Bottom Up-Enterprise approach interact with board, top management and key business units to build a forward looking, open and strategy focused entity. Our key experience is in:-

Business Benefits

  • Optimized costs and profitability, thanks to a detailed understanding of multidimensional Drivers such as value stream, customer, and distribution channel.
  • Improved alignment by matching operational capacity and support with effective execution of strategy.
  • Incisive decision making through rapid identification of the causes for changes in cost and profitability and testing of the impact of potential adjustments.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Profitability & Cost management practice of CSM will help you in identifying the correct approach and initiative for PCM implementations or upgrade processes within your enterprise. Our passionate approach in building ABC models across multiple periods ,versions, on-demand queries & what-if analysis of PCM will help in  running and innovating business processes, assimilate change and build performance enhancing climes is the key to the success of any enterprise.

    CSM consulting has developed a 60/90/120 Day Delivery model for Profitability & Cost management (PCM) which is a very attractive value proposition to organizations which are interested in the implementation of PCM.

    For SAP Profitability & Cost management implementation / Upgrade, Contact us at and we will help you further on your PCM execution process.